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Discover Kilpisjärvi: Guided Husky Walk

Discover Kilpisjärvi: Guided Husky Walk
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Making friends with a Siberian husky

Meet Kilpisjärvi Huskies

While the dog sledding season winds down with the melting snows of May, our Siberian huskies are always eager to greet guests and explore the Arctic landscapes year round. Embrace the opportunity to join us for a leisurely summer walk!

Discover the Beauty of Kilpisjärvi Alongside Our Huskies

During the summer and early fall months, you're invited to embark on a tranquil, scenic stroll accompanied by our amiable Siberian huskies.

As you walk with one of our huskies, you'll be provided with a belt to which the dog is securely fastened. It's important to note that Siberian huskies are known for their boundless energy and curiosity, so be prepared for an engaging and invigorating experience.

The scenic trail spans approximately 3.5 km (2 miles), with a refreshing break midway along the shores of Lake Tsahkal. Here, you can relax, savor a beverage, and treat our huskies to a well-deserved snack.

Our huskies thrive on human interaction and relish the chance to meet new people. This isn't just a walk; it's an opportunity to form a friendship with our furry companions!

Husky walks are available from mid-June until the vibrant autumn colors fade away in September. Each walk lasts for 2 hours, and we limit participation to a maximum of 4 individuals per excursion.

Bookings for Guided Husky Walk

Please make your booking online. At this time the calendar shows availability until the end of August, and it will be updated for autumn foliage after mid-August.