Are You Considering a Holiday in Arctic Lapland?

When planning a Lapland getaway, you might find yourself pondering a few crucial questions: Where to venture, when to embark on this adventure, and what activities to indulge in once you arrive? Allow Destination Kilpisjärvi to be your guiding partner. We are Martti and Sinikka, a couple who turned our dream into reality when we settled here in the village of Kilpisjärvi, nestled in the heart of Arctic Lapland.

Destination Kilpisjärvi 69° N & 20° E

Kilpisjärvi is a tiny Arctic village situated in the remote northwestern reaches of Arctic Lapland, Finland. In this tranquil corner of the world, Kilpisjärvi, surrounded by the rugged Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, boasts the longest winter in Finland, the deepest blanket of snow, and the highest mountains, known as "tunturi" in Finnish or "fell" in English. Here, you will breathe the purest air, savor the freshest water, and witness the frequent enchantment of the Aurora Borealis

Eight Seasons, Eight Reasons to Choose Kilpisjärvi

While Lapland is renowned worldwide as a winter wonderland, Arctic Lapland, with Kilpisjärvi at its heart, is a year-round treasure trove for enthusiasts of all seasons. Beyond the winter wonderland, Kilpisjärvi offers an abundance of experiences during all eight seasons, providing at least as many compelling reasons to make it your next holiday destination.

Kilpisjärvi is the Gateway to Norway and Sweden

Choosing Kilpisjärvi for your holiday destination unlocks access to the dramatic Arctic landscapes of three countries and the rich cultural heritage of many intriguing cultures. This remarkable location offers a gateway to unforgettable experiences.

Discover Kilpisjärvi with Martti and Sinikka, Your Local Guides

Our mission is to transport you away from the routines of everyday life and introduce you to a lifestyle unlike your own. We'll lead you to places where you'll be mesmerized by the majestic natural surroundings, where you can immerse yourself in the symphony of silence. We'll provide insights that will elevate your journey with stories of local life and the legacies of those who have left their mark on our region's history.

Welcome to Experience Destination Kilpisjärvi in Arctic Lapland, Finland, and share our Arctic way of life!

Visit Our Original Lapland on Your Way to Kilpisjärvi

Did you know that following the Torne River Valley from Tornio-Haparanda all the way to Kilpisjärvi offers you a double dose of magic? You can weave your way between Finland and Sweden in Our Original Lapland, where the plethora of sights and activities may just compel you to extend your trip by a week or two.

So, what are you waiting for? We look forward to welcoming you to Kilpisjärvi!
Rest assured, we will take good care of you during your visit.