When a holiday in Lapland is on your bucket list you might face a dilemma: Where to go, when to travel and what to do at the destination. Let us help you! We are Martti and Sinikka, a couple who realized our dream when we settled here, in the village of Kilpisjärvi in Lapland.

Destination Kilpisjärvi 69° N & 20° E

Kilpisjärvi with the surrounding Käsivarsi Wilderness is where you’ll find the longest winter in Finland, the deepest snow and the highest mountains – which we call “tunturi” in Finnish, or “fell” in English. This is where you will find the cleanest air and the purest water and the most frequently appearing Aurora Borealis. 

Eight seasons, eight reasons

Lapland is best known internationally as a winter wonderland. Arctic Lapland, where Kilpisjärvi is located, is a fantastic winter playground for all tastes. Yet there is more to Kilpisjärvi than winter. We have eight seasons equalling at least as many reasons for visiting Kilpisjärvi.

Kilpisjärvi is the gateway to Norway and Sweden

The dramatic Arctic landscapes of three countries and the rich heritage of many cultures are within easy reach when you choose Kilpisjärvi for your holiday destination.

Visit Kilpisjärvi with Martti and Sinikka, your local guides

We want to whisk you away from your daily routines and give you a glimpse into a lifestyle unlike your own. We take you to places where you are dazzled by sweeping views of our majestic nature and where you can listen to the sounds of silence. We furnish the insight that adds the difference to your trip with stories of local life and stories of those who made a mark in our region’s history.  

Welcome to experience Destination Kilpisjärvi in Arctic Lapland, Finland and our Arctic life with us!

Visit Our Original Lapland on your way to Kilpisjärvi

Did you know that following the Torne River Valley from Tornio - Haparanda all the way to Kilpisjärvi offers you twice the magic? You can zigzag between Finland and Sweden in Our Original Lapland where there's so much to see and do that you just might have to extend your trip with a week or two. 

What are you waiting for? See you in Kilpisjärvi! We'll take good care of you during your visit.