Toiminimi Martti Niskanen, Sole Trader
Auxiliary business names: Safaris – The Lapland Connection, Destination Kilpisjärvi, Visit Kilpisjärvi
Address: Pulmusentie 4 B 3, FI-99490 Kilpisjärvi
Phone +358 40 142 6061
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Terms and Conditions for Activities, Experiences and Tours by Destination Kilpisjärvi

When booking a service i.e. a guided experience, activity or tour, with Tmi Martti Niskanen / Destination Kilpisjärvi, the Customer agrees to adhere to these terms and conditions.  By booking the service the Customer also agrees to observe the instructions and safety rules given by Toiminimi Martti Niskanen / Destination Kilpisjärvi staff on location.

Bookings and cancellations

General terms

  • All prices include Value Added Tax.

  • Toiminimi Martti Niskanen, hereafter referred to as Merchant, sells products and services to private persons over the age of 18 years and to registered companies.

  • These terms apply to bookings made on line as well as by other means, e.g. by phone, e-mail or by personal appointment. The right is reserved to change prices, terms and conditions without prior notice. 

  • The prices, terms and conditions which apply to the booking are those that are valid at the time the payment is made by the Customer.


  • These terms are applied to all products and services.

  • It is the Customer’s obligation to get acquainted with the description of the service, the guidelines and the terms and conditions before booking the service.

  • An online booking is binding when the booking has been paid by the Customer and information thereof has reached the Merchant. If a booking is made by other means, e.g. by e-mail, phone call or during a personal appointment, it becomes binding when the Merchant has sent the Customer a written confirmation of the booked services and the Customer has paid the booking in full.

  • The Customer pays the booking on line adhering to the terms of the payment transaction provider VismaPay.

  • A booking / payment confirmation is sent to the e-mail address which the Customer has provided during the booking process.  

  • The Merchant is not responsible for failures in the booking process. In case of failure the Customer is requested to get in touch with the Merchant so that the problem can be resolved. The Merchant cannot guarantee that the service is still available in such an instance. If the service is not available, the Customer’s payment will be refunded or the Customer can choose to accept another service or another time period according to prevailing availability.

Cancellation of booking by the Customer

  • The cancellation is in effect on the date the Merchant receives a written cancellation notification.  

  • If the cancellation is received at least 31 days before the starting date of the booked services, the Customer is charged an administrative service fee which equals 10% of the full value of the reservation or € 50, whichever is greater. 

  • If the cancellation is received 30 – 8 days before the date of the booked service, the Customer is charged an amount which equals 30% of the full value of the reservation.

  • If the cancellation is received within 7 days of the date of the booked service no refund will be made.

  • When booking and paying the service with a discount code, 100 % of the booking fee will be charged as a cancellation fee regardless of the cancellation date.

  • Please note that cancellation terms for customized group arrangements will be established and informed to the Customer at the time the booking is accepted.

The Merchant’s right to cancel a booking

  • The Merchant has the right to cancel a booked service if weather conditions or other circumstances are such that the service cannot be carried out. In such a case the customer receives a full refund.

  • The Merchant can change the planned routing, duration and timing of the service when deemed necessary for safety reasons or for customer comfort.

  • The Merchant has the right to cancel or terminate a service in the event a participant, in the estimation of the guide in charge, is in poor health or may cause danger to him / herself or to others. In such a case the Customer is not entitled to a refund. 

  • Unused services are not reimbursed.

  • The Merchant has the right to cancel the booking if the Customer does not arrive in time to the agreed meeting place. In case the booking is cancelled due to late arrival, the Customer is not entitled to a refund.

Terms of delivery and payment

  • The contract between Merchant and Customer is binding once the customer has paid the online booking and information thereof has reached the Merchant. If the booking is made by other means, e.g. by e-mail, phone call or during a personal appointment, it becomes binding when the Merchant sends the Customer a written confirmation of the services reserved and the Customer has paid the booking in full.

  • A booking and payment confirmation will be sent by e-mail to the Customer. The payment transaction provider chosen by the Merchant is VismaPay. 

  • The Merchant does not collect the Customer’s debit or credit card information at any time of the booking process.

  • The customer adheres to the payment guidelines of VismaPay.

  • Payment by invoice is available solely to companies registered in Finland. The invoice must be paid by the due date. Payments received after the due date are subject to overdue charges which will be added to the invoice. If the invoice is paid after the due date and overdue charges have accrued, they will be billed by a separate invoice.

  • If the payment transaction is not properly completed at the time of booking, the Merchant will not process the reservation.

Responsibility of the Merchant and damage liability of the Customer

  • The Merchant carries liability insurance.

  • Personal travel and accident insurance is recommended as the Merchant cannot accept responsibility for tour / experience participants’ personal injury or material damage, with the exception of personal injury arising out of snowmobile driving or snowmobile riding accidents, which are governed by the Traffic Insurance company policy and with the exception of injuries which are covered by the Merchant's liability insurance and which arise out of the Merchant's negligence or faulty equipment.

  • While The Merchant exercises caution and appropriate safety measures in organizing these  services the Customer is always participating at his/her own risk.

  • Youngsters over 10 years and under the age of 18 years can participate provided they are in the company of and supervised by their parents or legal guardian at all times

  • The Customer is liable for damages caused to venues and to rented equipment and vehicles (e.g. rental clothing, snowmobiles, fishing gear).

  • The driver of a snowmobile is responsible for damages caused to the vehicle.  The self-liability amount is limited to the maximum amount of € 1200 / vehicle / accident case. The driver of a snowmobile is required to place a deposit for potential vehicle damages.

  • The Customer making the reservation is responsible to compensate the damages of others in his/her party. The Merchant does not accept responsibility for any harm or expense the Customer may suffer due to natural phenomena such as poor weather conditions. 


  • Reclamations must be brought to the attention of the Merchant immediately on location so that corrective measures can be taken. 

  • If the matter cannot be resolved or if there is a claim for refund, the reclamation needs to be submitted to the Merchant in writing within 30 days. Every effort will be made to handle the reclamation without delay, and latest within 30 days of its receipt.

  • If a satisfactory resolution is not reached the Customer can submit the reclamation to the Consumer Disputes Board.  Disputes which need to be brought to a court of law will be settled in the District Court of Lapland.