Experience Arctic Winter in Arctic Lapland - Kilpisjärvi Is Calling

Welcome to Kilpisjärvi, our quaint village nestled at the edge of the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, just a stone's throw away from the Three Nations Border Point where Finland, Norway, and Sweden come together in the heart of Arctic Lapland. We invite you to partake in a guided winter adventure amidst our stunning natural surroundings!

Privately Guided Winter Experiences in Kilpisjärvi, Arctic Lapland

Our offerings encompass exclusively guided experiences for you, your group, or your family. Throughout your adventure, you will be accompanied by your very own dedicated guide.

Please be aware that when an outdoor experience includes a meal (such as the Arctic Evening Experience, Tundra Experience, or Conquer Mt. Halti), it will be served in wilderness huts, and reservations for these huts cannot be made privately. Consequently, you may find other holidaymakers sharing the mealtime experience.

Our winter experiences are crafted to cater to couples, solo travelers, families (with a minimum age limit of 10 years for children), and small groups. We extend a warm welcome to guests from every corner of the globe.

Booking Destination Kilpisjärvi Winter Experiences

To reserve your spot, kindly read the pages providing descriptions of our guided experiences. Booking your preferred adventure is easy through our online store, where you will find real-time availability information.

What About Outdoor Clothing for Destination Kilpisjärvi Winter Experiences?

Winter in Arctic Lapland is synonymous with chilly temperatures and frequent snowfall. It is essential to come well-prepared with suitable warm and layered clothing.

If your own outdoor attire is insufficient for the Arctic conditions, we recommend renting a set of protective clothing from us for the duration of your booked outdoor activities. This clothing set comprises a snowsuit, boots, socks, and mittens.

For certain activities, namely the Snowmobile Safari to the Three-Country Cairn, Tundra Experience, or Conquer Mt. Halti, this warm clothing set is included with no additional charge. We can conveniently deliver the warm clothing set to your accommodations, provided they are among our cooperating partners located within the village, ensuring your privacy while you prepare for your adventure.

Safety helmets and balaclavas are at your disposal during the snowmobile transfers, and these essential items are always included in the activity's price.

Bookings for Destination Kilpisjärvi Winter Experiences

Please explore our pages for experience descriptions. The online store for winter season 2024 - 2025 will be opened in November 2024.

Important Information about Destination Kilpisjärvi Winter Experiences

All prices listed include Value Added Tax. For further details and a comprehensive understanding of our booking and delivery terms, please refer to our dedicated Terms and Conditions section.

Frequently Asked Question: How to Stay Warm in the Great Outdoors in Arctic Lapland

Frequently Asked: How to Stay Warm? Answer: Dressing in Layers.

Conquer Mt. Halti, the Highest Summit of Finland

For many visitors to Kilpisjärvi, scaling the highest summit in Finland is a dream come true.

Border Safari to the Three-Country Cairn

Off the beaten path: Discover the Three-Country Cairn in Kilpisjärvi.

Snowmobile Safari to the Three-Country Cairn

Experience snowmobiling and discover the Three-Country Cairn during your Arctic holiday in Kilpisjärvi.

Husky Sledding Experience in Kilpisjärvi

Meet the Kilpisjärvi Husky Team! Siberian huskies are friendly and absolutely love pulling sleds – it's both their passion and their profession!

Arctic Evening Experience in Kilpisjärvi

Are you planning an Arctic Lapland adventure in pursuit of the elusive Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis?

Catch a Glimpse of Local Life in Kilpisjärvi

Catch a glimpse of the local way of life in Kilpisjärvi, guided by a village resident.

Highlights of Kilpisjärvi: Husky Sledding Experience and Visit to Three-Country Cairn

Meet the Kilpisjärvi Husky Team and visit the Three-Country Cairn of Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The Tundra Experience in Käsivarsi Wilderness near Kilpisjärvi

The panoramic vistas and the tranquility of Käsivarsi Wilderness create a unique experience.