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Frequently Asked Question: How to Stay Warm in the Great Outdoors in Arctic Lapland

Packing and Dressing Tips

Frequently Asked: How to Stay Warm in Arctic Lapland Winter?

Answer: Dressing in Layers for a Comfortable Experience

When preparing for your visit to Arctic Lapland, dressing in layers is essential to ensure your comfort in the cold winter climate. Here's a detailed guide on how to dress effectively for your adventure:

1. Base Layer: Keep Dry with Thermal Underwear

  • The base layer is the most crucial, as it's in direct contact with your skin.

  • Invest in a full set of thermal underwear, including a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, made of e.g. merino wool.

  • The purpose of the base layer is to keep your skin dry.

2. Mid Layer: Stay Warm and Dry

  • Choose wool and fleece materials for the mid layer.

  • We recommend wearing two layers: a thinner one closer to your body and a thicker one on top.

  • Both layers should have long sleeves and pants, and you can opt for a zip-up or turtle neck.

  • The thinner layer can be snug-fitting, while the thicker layer should be loose for insulation.

3. Outer Layer: Protect Against the Elements

  • For your lower body, opt for warm and loose ski pants, while a warm and loose windstopper jacket is ideal for your upper body.

4. Complimentary Overcoat

  • During your tour, you will be provided with a warm overcoat included in the tour price. This overcoat goes over your existing outer layers.

5. Footwear: Keep Your Feet Warm and Comfortable

  • Wear two pairs of socks for optimal warmth and comfort.

  • Start with a thin pair against your skin and add a thicker pair of loose-fitting wool socks on top.

  • Ensure that there's enough space between the layers to maintain warmth.

  • Your winter boots in Lapland should be at least one size, preferably two sizes, larger than your regular outdoor boots to provide ample room to wiggle your toes.

  • Tight boots can lead to cold feet, regardless of how many layers of warm socks you wear.

6. Hand Protection: Double Up for Warmth

  • Layering is effective for your hands too. Start with a pair of silk or thin wool gloves, followed by a loose-fitting pair of mittens rather than gloves.

7. Head and Neck Protection

  • Always wear a hat that covers your head and ears when outdoors in Lapland.

  • Ensure your neck is covered as well to retain warmth.

8. Additional Gear

  • For snowmobile transfers and driving, you'll receive a balaclava from us to wear under the safety helmet.

9. Renting Clothing

  • If your own winter clothing is insufficient, consider renting a set of Safari Clothing from us, including a snowsuit, mittens, boots, and socks.

By following these guidelines and dressing in layers, you'll be well-prepared to enjoy your Lapland experience comfortably, even in cold temperatures.