Welcome to catch a glimpse of our life in Kilpisjärvi, Arctic Lapland

We are Martti and Sinikka, a couple who realized our dream when we settled here, in the village of Kilpisjärvi in Lapland. We work as activity and tour guides in the village, in the surrounding Käsivarsi Wilderness and the nearby areas of northern Norway and Sweden. 

The handsome guy with us in the photo is Husky Peni (6.1.2011 - 3.4.2023, forever in our hearts), the former chief or our team of Siberian huskies and the father of the present foursome who have active roles in our sledding experiences.

About us

Martti is a native Laplander who grew up to be an outdoorsman. Fishing, hunting and finding his way in nature – in forests and on fells, in rivers and on lakes – are skills he learned as a boy from his father and which he has practiced ever since, in his work and in his free time. He is happiest when he can share his love and appreciation for nature with visitors.

Sinikka grew up in South Finland and spent her early adult years globetrotting around Europe and North America. She lived and worked in five countries and traveled in dozens more.

Our story

Our paths crossed, a romance was born and we became partners in life and partners in a travel business in Sea-Lapland in summer 1991. 

Later that same year, in November, just when the northwestern corner of Finnish Lapland was wrapped in the soft colors of the Polar Night, we made our first trip together to visit Kilpisjärvi. And it was love at first sight! Since then we took every opportunity to visit Kilpisjärvi. We traveled here often with and without customers until we finally realized our dream and settled here permanently.

Kilpisjärvi is our home

We have now lived in Kilpisjärvi for more than 17 years and we love it! The village is tiny and peaceful, with about 130 permanent residents. Only one road, named the Northern Lights Route, connects us with the rest of the world. The wilderness is in our backyard. Winters are long and snowy, summers cool and verdant. We never tire of the magic of the Polar Night or the feast of colors during the autumn foliage. The dramatic Arctic landscapes of three countries and the rich heritage of many cultures are at our doorstep.

We are at your service all year round

Create your Lapland travel memories on our guided experiences. Take part in our snowmobile and dog sledding tours, ice fishing trips, snowshoe treks and Arctic evening experiences in winter and in our boating, fishing and hiking adventures in summer and fall.

Our goal is to leave you with the sense that the guided experience is planned expressly for you. Our wish is to make you want to return to Kilpisjärvi. We have, after all, eight seasons and at least as many reasons to offer.