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Responsibility is our core value

Responsibility for the environment is our core value

Nature is our most important partner in the business and we treat it with care.  With us you can join guided tours which are carried out with respect to the nature. Litter free hiking, proper waste management and recycling are daily routines for us. 

We have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus, the Finnish state-owned company which manages, among others, the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area. We comply with their Principals of Sustainable Tourism and the Outdoor Etiquette.

Safety above all else

We prioritize customer safety.  We make sure that our safety procedures are up to date and that our customers are given detailed safety instructions prior to each tour. 

Martti Niskanen, the founder and principal partner of the company, is a member of the local emergency response team and is continuously trained in first aid procedures as well as in search and rescue operations.

Kilpisjärvi is our home

We live permanently in the village of Kilpisjärvi and we support local economy and local enterprises. We promote products and services produced in our village and in our region.

We value cooperation with other entrepreneurs in the village. We foster the cultural heritage of our region and introduce local historical and cultural values during our tours.

We are here for you

Customer satisfaction is a high priority to us and we welcome our guests to give us feedback so that we can further improve our service.

We are here for our customers.  We make every effort to price our products in an affordable manner and in such a way that our business is profitable and we can take care of our financial responsibilities.