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Responsibility is the core value at Destination Kilpisjärvi

Sustainability is at the heart of the company’s mission at Destination Kilpisjärvi

In our line of work, nature stands as our most crucial partner, and we treat it with care and respect. We maintain litter-free hiking practices and appropriate waste management procedures, and promote recycling as an integral component of our daily operations.

Our commitment extends to a partnership with Metsähallitus, the Finnish state-owned enterprise overseeing various natural destinations, including the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area. This collaboration requires us to adhere to responsible practices, including Principles of Sustainable Tourism and Outdoor Etiquette.

In recognition of our commitment to sustainable tourism, Destination Kilpisjärvi was honored with the Good Travel Seal in October 2023.

Customer safety, a paramount concern at Destination Kilpisjärvi

Ensuring our customers' safety is our topmost priority. We keep our safety protocols up to date and provide thorough safety instructions before every experience.

Kilpisjärvi is not just a base; it's our home

The guides and owners of Destination Kilpisjärvi, Martti & Sinikka Niskanen, are permanent residents of the village. We support local economy by collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs and endorsing products and services originating in our village and surrounding region.

Destination Kilpisjärvi experiences are enriched with insights into local history and culture, emphasizing the importance of these values.

Social responsibility is fundamental to our identity

As a socially responsible company, Destination Kilpisjärvi considers the impact of all its operations on people, communities, the environment, and society as a whole. We aim to provide high-quality services at competitive prices, all while ensuring the profitability of our business and fulfilling our financial commitments.

At Destination Kilpisjärvi, we condemn harassment, racism, or any form of discrimination. Our doors are open to everyone, irrespective of their background, and we guarantee equal and respectful treatment for all. Upholding human rights and complying with legal guidelines are integral to fostering a safe and inclusive environment.

Your satisfaction is our driving force

Customer satisfaction ranks high on our list of priorities. We welcome feedback that enables us to refine and enhance our services continually. Get in touch with us!