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Snowmobile Transfers and Guiding in Käsivarsi Wilderness

Snowmobile Transfers and Guiding in Käsivarsi Wilderness

Snowmobile Sled Transfers to Käsivarsi Wilderness

When planning a self-guided skiing or ice fishing trip to Käsivarsi Wilderness you can book a snowmobile sled ride from Kilpisjärvi to your starting point or a return transport from your destination to the village.

We also offer guidance for snowmobilers in Käsivarsi Wilderness area and for conquering Mt. Halti.

Transfer Prices in Winter and Spring 2024

The price is a total charge for one-way transportation for 1-4 people with their belongings. The price for 5-8 people is double.

  • Kuonjarjoki € 175

  • Meeko € 225

  • Mt. Halti Wilderness Hut € 300

  • Pitsusjärvi € 275

  • Porojärvi € 275

  • Termisjärvi € 135

  • Toskaljärvi € 275

  • Saanajärvi € 100

  • Saarijärvi € 135

  • Somasjärvi € 330

  • Three-Country Cairn € 135

Guidance and Trail Permits for Snowmobilers

In the Käsivarsi Wilderness area, snowmobiling is only allowed on guided tours by a Metsähallitus partner company. Snowmobiling on your own is not permitted. Reserve guidance and trail permits for conquering Mt. Halti from us.

  • Guide with his own snowmobile: € 300 / guide. Price includes a maximum of 6 hours / 100 km of guidance. Additional hours at € 50 / hour.

  • Trail permits à € 10 / driver

Please note that there can be a maximum of 10 snowmobiles per guide.

These services cannot currently be purchased from our online shop. Please contact us by email.