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Husky Sledding Experience in Kilpisjärvi

Husky Sledding Experience in Kilpisjärvi
Meet the Siberian Huskies of Kilpisjärvi

The season for this winter experience is December 1 - April 15.
Bookings for Winter Season 2024 - 2025 will be opened in November 2024.

The Siberian Huskies of Kilpisjärvi

Meet the Kilpisjärvi Husky Team! Siberian huskies are friendly and absolutely love pulling sleds – it's both their passion and their profession! The experience spans approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Our Husky Family Welcomes You for a Ride

Siberian huskies have held a special place in our hearts for more than two decades. Our current lineage of huskies traces its origins to Ajatar Miss Tundra, affectionately known as "Missi." We take immense pride in having four of her offspring as integral members of our team: the brothers Nalle and Nekku, born in August 2018, as well as the sisters Talvikki and Tuisku, born in March 2015. Their mother, Maya, became a part of our family when we adopted her in 2014. To round out our husky family, we have our esteemed veteran, Mr. Sulo, whom we welcomed into our home as a little puppy.

Husky Sledding Experience in Kilpisjärvi

While our husky team is primarily a labor of love for us, we also organize sledding experiences for visitors during the winter season. Siberian huskies are naturally friendly and inquisitive, and they relish the opportunity to take people on sled rides. Join us to get acquainted with these charming dogs, learn how to "mush" the team, and revel in the breathtaking scenery of Kilpisjärvi.

Learn the Art of Being a Husky Musher in Kilpisjärvi

You and your group will have the chance to become proficient "husky mushers." Meet us and the huskies on the lakeshore, where we will instruct you on how to control the sled. Soon after, you'll be off, "mushing" the husky team as you journey toward the Swedish shore.

As a musher, you will have the huskies all to yourself, with each member of your party taking their turn at the helm. The rest of your party is seated in a snowmobile passenger sled, with the vehicle being driven by the guide. This gives them the opportunity to relish the surrounding scenery and capture photos and videos of the musher in action.

Younger participants can be seated in the husky sled while a parent drives (please note that the minimum age limit is 10 years).

At the turnaround point, we'll take a break, giving you the opportunity to get better acquainted with each husky. During the break, we'll serve hot berry juice and share husky stories.

The ride typically lasts around one hour, and we can accommodate 1 to 4 persons at a time.