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Conquer Mt. Halti, the Highest Summit of Finland

Conquer Mt. Halti, the Highest Summit of Finland
The Peak of Arctic Lapland

The season for this winter experience is March 1 - May 10.
Bookings for Winter Season 2025 will be opened in November 2024.

Conquer Mt. Halti, Finland's highest peak

For many visitors to Kilpisjärvi, scaling the highest summit in Finland is a dream come true. This extraordinary adventure spans a duration of 6 hours and is available from March 1 until early May.

Traverse the Tundra of Käsivarsi Wilderness

In the winter months, the most convenient way to reach Finland's highest peak is by taking a snowmobile passenger sled under the guidance of an experienced guide. Simply find a comfortable seat, sit back, relax, and savor the ride. As you depart from the village of Kilpisjärvi, you'll quickly ascend above the tree line and onto the pristine tundra of the Käsivarsi Wilderness region. Along the way, we'll make occasional stops to soak in the breathtaking scenery, allowing time for viewing and photography.

The snowmobile trail spans approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) each way, leading you across the highest tundra expanse in Finland. Your journey will traverse frozen lakes, follow river valleys, ascend and descend in the rugged "fell country," and venture through an untouched wilderness devoid of roads or inhabitants.

Mt. Halti: Lapland's Crown Jewel

Mt. Halti, also known as Halti Fell, graces the Norwegian border, rising to an impressive height of 1,324 meters (4,344 feet) above sea level. Weather permitting, we'll venture all the way to the summit. The panoramic vista from the mountaintop is nothing short of breathtaking.

Wilderness Lunch in the Heart of Käsivarsi Wilderness - Bon Appétit!

Your tour includes a wilderness lunch, a welcome respite amidst the wilderness. You'll find warmth and relaxation in a wilderness hut while your guide serves you roasted sausages, a hearty sandwich, freshly baked pastries, and hot non-alcoholic beverages.

Conquering Mt. Halti on a Snowmobile

If you're an experienced snowmobile driver, you have the option to join the Mt. Halti tour as a self-driver. However, please note that the driving distance is substantial, covering 100 kilometers (60 miles). As such, this trip is not suitable for novice drivers.

Two individuals can share a single snowmobile, allowing one person to drive while the other occupies the passenger seat behind the driver. During periodic breaks, you can switch roles as needed. The tour begins with a comprehensive briefing on driving and safety instructions. Each driver must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driving license authorizing them to operate a vehicle in Finland.

The cost of a rental snowmobile is € 200 and it includes fuel and traffic insurance. Please note that a € 600 damage deposit is required in connection with snowmobile rental.

Guided Service to Mt. Halti for Independent Snowmobilers

If you and your group are experienced snowmobile drivers with your own machines or rental snowmobiles, you can book our guide service, complete with trail permits, for an adventurous journey to Mt. Halti.