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Conquer Mt. Halti, the highest summit of Finland

The prices and availability of Conquer Mt. Halti for the next winter season
(March 1 - May 10, 2024) will be published and the online shop opened in January 2024.

Conquer Mt. Halti, the highest peak in Finland

This is the dream of many visitors to Kilpisjärvi: to conquer the highest summit of Finland. The duration of this trip is 6 hours and it is organized from March 1 until May 20.  Weather and trail conditions allowing we will start in the latter part of February.

Ride across the tundra of Käsivarsi Wilderness

The easiest way to reach the highest peak of Finland in winter is to travel there in the snowmobile passenger sled of an experienced guide. Take a seat, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! Soon after leaving the village of Kilpisjärvi you’ll be above the tree line and on the tundra of the Käsivarsi Wilderness region. Stops will be made from time to time for viewing, admiring and photographing the spectacular scenery.

The snowmobile trail takes you across the highest tundra region in Finland, approximately 50 km (31 miles) each way. You’ll travel on frozen lakes, along river valleys, uphill and downhill in the ”fell country”, through total wilderness where there are no roads and no inhabitants.

Mt. Halti, the top of Lapland

Mt. Halti – also known as Halti Fell – is situated on the Norwegian border and reaches to 1324 meters (4344 ft.) above sea level. If weather conditions are favorable we drive to the summit. The panorama which opens from the mountain top is breathtaking.

Lunch in Käsivarsi Wilderness - Bon appetit!

A wilderness lunch is included in the tour. Lunch break takes place in a wilderness hut where you can warm up and relax while your guide serves you roasted sausages, a filled sandwich, home-baked pastry and hot non-alcoholic beverages. 

Driving a snowmobile to conquer Mt. Halti

You can choose to join the tour to Mt. Halti with a self-drive snowmobile, provided you have previous snowmobile driving experience. The driving distance is long - 100 km / 60 miles - thus this trip is not suitable for a novice driver.

Two persons can share one snowmobile so that one drives and the other person is seated as a passenger behind the driver. The two can switch places during breaks which are held from time to time.

The tour starts with a thorough briefing of driving and safety instructions. Each driver needs to be at least 18 years of age and in possession of a valid driving license which entitles the holder to drive in Finland.

Guiding service to Mt. Halti for independent snowmobilers

If you are an experienced snowmobile driver or a group of drivers and have your own or rental snowmobiles, you can book our guide service including trail permits for a ride to Mt. Halti.