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Catch a glimpse of local life in Kilpisjärvi

The prices and availability of the village tour
for the next winter season
(December 1, 2023 - April 30, 2024) will be published and the online shop opened in November 2023.

Kilpisjärvi, a tiny Arctic village at the meeting point of three countries

The Village of Kilpisjärvi in Arctic Lapland is Finland's sole mountain village, located in the far northwestern corner of the country. Catch a glimpse of local life in the company of a local resident.

The duration of this trip is 3 hours. The tour is organized from December 1 to March 18. 

Kilpisjärvi on the Northern Lights Route

Nestling on the shore of a crystal-clear lake, in the lap of the highest peaks of Finland and at the edge of the Scandinavian mountain range, the village of Kilpisjärvi offers breathtaking scenery.

Kilpisjärvi is tiny and peaceful, with around 130 hundred permanent residents. Only one road, named the Northern Lights Route, connects the village with the rest of the world.

Kick-sled tour in the village with a local guide

The lay of the land becomes familiar as you'll admire the scenery dominated by the magnificent Mt. Saana and the sharp-edged mountains at the far end of the lake where the three countries, Norway, Finland and Sweden, meet at the world's northernmost tripoint.

You'll hear about the local Sámi population and about reindeer herding, what the village people do for a living and of their everyday life in this remote corner of the country. Kilpisjärvi is a tiny place with a rich history and an abundance of stories.

The walking tour - weather allowing, kick-sleds will be used - includes a Finnish-style outdoor picnic around a camp fire.