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Rental inquiry for cross-country skis

Rental inquiry for cross-country skis


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Rental inquiry for cross country skis

You cannot book a cross-country ski set directly online, because many things affect the choice of skis.

Add the 0-price inquiry to the shopping cart and add the following to the additional information field:

  • For what period of time do you need the equipment

  • How many people do you need equipment for?

  • From which location (Muonio or Kilpisjärvi) would you like to pick up the equipment

  • Measurements of all renters (height, weight, shoe size) and information on the desired skiing style for each person (skating or traditional)

  • Other points and questions come to mind

We will reply to you as soon as possible, but there may be a delay in responses during high season. If your need for equipment is urgent, please contact us by phone: +358 50 5483311.

Daily rental = 8 hours and starts as agreed in advance from 8 am to 12 pm and ends at 4 pm to 8 pm. In overnight rentals, the rental price is charged for all the days when the equipment in question cannot be rented out to others.

The price of the cross-country ski set includes skis, boots and poles:

1 day = 30 eur

2 days = 54 eur

3 days = 77 eur

4 days = 96 eur

5 days = 113 eur

6 days = 126 eur

7 days = 137 eur

Please also familiarize yourself with our rental conditions!

The rental can also be paid with the following exercise benefits: Edenred, Smartum and Epassi!