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Catch a Glimpse of Local Life in Kilpisjärvi

Catch a Glimpse of Local Life in Kilpisjärvi
Arctic Sights and Local Stories

The season for this winter experience is December 1 - March 22.
Bookings for Winter Season 2024 - 2025 will be opened in November 2024.

Kilpisjärvi: A Quaint Arctic Village at the Crossroads of Three Nations

Nestled in the heart of Arctic Lapland, the village of Kilpisjärvi stands as Finland's solitary mountain village, occupying the remote northwestern reaches of the country. This is your chance to catch a glimpse of the local way of life, guided by a village resident. The journey spans a three-hour duration.

Kilpisjärvi on the Northern Lights Route

Nestled along the shores of a pristine Arctic lake and cradled by Finland's highest summits, Kilpisjärvi presents beautiful views at the edge of the Scandinavian mountain range.

Only one road, aptly named the Northern Lights Route, serves as the vital link connecting this secluded village of 130 permanent residents to the wider world.

Guided Village Exploration with Kick-Sleds and a Snowmobile Ride

You'll explore the terrain by kick-sleds as well as during a scenic snowmobile passenger sled ride. The surrounding landscape is dominated by the presence of Mt. Saana and the mountainous scenery at the far end of the lake, where the borders of Norway, Finland, and Sweden come together at the northernmost tripoint on Earth.

During the excursion, you'll gain insight into the traditional Sámi reindeer herding practices, the livelihoods of the village's inhabitants, and the day-to-day routines of life in this remote corner of the country. Kilpisjärvi may be diminutive in size, but it boasts a wealth of history and captivating stories.

This tour includes a Finnish-style outdoor picnic by a crackling campfire, adding a delightful touch to your Kilpisjärvi experience.